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Here at 3M3D we offer various services in different categories to the best of industry standards. We are into Health, Additive Manufacturing, Agriculture & Aero.


Our Health sector provides Portable Medical devices with advanced Technology in the Industry.



Additive Manufacturing services include building 3D Printers from desktop to roomsize with resilient functionality.



Agro services provides cost effective, and reliable technological innovations in agriculture sector empowering farmers.


3M3D Air builds and develop drone technology for various activities like industry surveillance, agriculture, defense etc.,

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Order your Product from various services we provide like health, Agriculture, Additive Manufacturing and Aero.

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Accessible Healthcare for Everyone

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A Team of Experienced Professionals

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Patient-Centered Care with Personalized Attention

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Empowering You to Achieve Your Best Healt

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“It is always the start that requires the greatest effort.”

We Are a People Driven Team

We are committed. We Value our Organization culture, spirit & glory. Guide and empower employees to be their best.

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